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See what our customers have to say.  These are some customer reviews of The Green Van Dry Cleaning & Laundry.  You can see even more awesome reviews on our Google Business page.

Thank you for your wonderful service.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the ease of using your service and have been very pleased with the quality and customer service.  -Laurisa in Overland Park

Fantastic service, they do all my family’s laundry and really save a lot of time and headaches. Couldn’t suggest a better service to lighten the daily grind of things to do around the house. -Casey in Overland Park.

You have a great company.  Love doing business with you.  -Michael in Leawood.

“You all are doing GREAT!!! I am pleased with the service & will most definitely be recommending y’all to anyone looking for a dry cleaner here in Overland Park!  Keep up the awesome work!”  – Heather in Overland Park.  

Dry cleaning errands were always a pain.   With all the kids’ activities, the last thing I wanted to do was to go to the dry cleaner after work.  In fact, I bought too many shirts just so I could make less frequent trips.  Now that we use The Green Van, it’s really simple and convenient.   I love it!  Thanks Derek!”  -Josh and Kelley in Olathe.  Customers since August, 2013.

I’m all about using small companies and love to see them get started and running!  You do a great job! –Nancy M., from Overland Park.  Customer since 2005

(regarding our wash & fold service)  “LOVED every aspect… The fold is amazing, and you all did a really great job of keeping the kids clothes separate.., which was a bonus, I didn’t expect that!  It was perfect!  My husband is impressed and said he’ll put his clothes in too .  Thank you!!!”   -Natalie, Overland Park

“Hi Derek!  I have been using the green van dry cleaning services for over four years now and have always been very impressed with my clothing as well as the timely next day service, delivered to my front door. Several colleagues have also started using Green Van in my department, also enjoying next day results and the ease of having dry cleaning literally show up at their door the day after it’s picked up. I remember when I would go days or weeks without driving by my old cleaner’s, and this problem never occurs any longer.
More recently, I have been absolutely spoiled by what I consider my Laundry Fairy. My kids have a Tooth Fairy, and I now have a laundry fairy. (I’m still waiting on the dishes fairy….)   I have at least 5 -7 loads every single week. Given my work hours, this has put me doing laundry up until after midnight every night which is what I was doing. Now, life is different! I drop my huge yellow bag of laundry on my front porch on Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon it returns washed, folded, and sorted. Everything is extraordinarily neat and tidy, and the fold on the sheets and blankets is amazing! I generally drop 20-25# of laundry each week for them to wash and return. This has literally given me at least 6-10 hours back of time each week that I can now spend with my kids. 
I don’t plan on stopping the wash and fold service as this has been such a huge relief for me and I pray it continues! This can be used as a one time offer, or ongoing weekly as in my case.” -Jenny R., Olathe

“I have been a very happy customer of The Green Van dry cleaning service for many years. I have referred several friends and associates to them and they, too, all tell me they are very, very pleased with the quality of the dry cleaning service provided by The Green Van. 

 The Green Van has been such a great service for me. My cleaning has always been picked up and delivered on time. The quality of their work has always great. It is such a convenience for me to have my dry cleaning picked up and delivered back to me two days later; no driving to the dry cleaners, standing in line and then trying to be certain I get back to pick up my clean clothes before the shop closes in the evening.  I have had everything imaginable cleaned by The Green Van and have always been very happy with the finished product.   I can’t recommend my friends at The Green Van enough!” -Christine S. Overland Park (near 147th and Antioch).  Customer since 2005.

“Convenience doesn’t matter if the quality isn’t there.  Your service offers both and makes my busy schedule much more manageable. Thanks for providing this valuable service!” -Marla W.  Overland Park (near 119th and Switzer).  Customer since 2007.


“The Green Van is such a reliable and professional service, I never think about them! Week in and week out, they come and they go.  It’s just a foregone conclusion that my clothes will get picked up and the’ll get dropped off clean and crisp. That was NOT the case with the other dry cleaning services we had.  We often wondered if they were coming at all and at least once a month they would forget an item.  We couldn’t be happier.”  -Patrick B.  Overland Park.  Customer since 2011.


I thought you would appreciate this little story. 

 So, this voicemail just happened:

 “Hi Ms. XXX, my name is — and I’m calling from XXXX Cleaners. We have some dry cleaning items of yours. It appears we have had these since November 12, 2014. If you do not pick these up by 5 pm on Saturday, we will have to start charging you a $1/day storage fee.”

 !!!!!!!!! WTH !!!!!!!!

 How about a reminder phone call in December, January, February, March, April, May OR June!!!!!!????!!!

 This would never happen with your company because you conveniently drop my items off to me THE NEXT DAY!!! So glad we found you guys!!

 -Megan R. in Overland Park

Thanks.  Always a good experience with your service.  -Adam in Overland Park

May I just say your laundry service has been a Godsend to a FT working mom that travels and is over committed.  I’m not sure what to do with myself and have found I’ve put away more clothes since you’ve been helping me the last 3 rounds.  Bless you!  Thank you for everything!  My neighbor loves you guys too!!  Super grateful!

-Amy in Prairie Village

Hi Derek
Just a quick note to say that my work in Kansas has finished and I’ve now moved to Sweden . Thank you for all your support , this services was amazing and the amount of free time that I had was the best.

Thank you again

Neven (Leawood)

Many thanks for the excellent service provided by your company along with the honesty of all who work there. For over the past 5 years, you show up religiously without fail, rain, snow, ice or shine, and always have my dry cleaning done perfectly back on my door step the next day!

What’s most impressive is your integrity and honesty. There have been two different occasions that I’ve accidently left items in my pocket and both times they’ve been returned. The first was a $100.00 bill I forgot about in my suit pocket and your employee sealed it up and had it in a return bag……. What an exception to the norm! I would have never know otherwise!
The second time I had an $11,000.00 check payable to me and it was also returned with a note “ returning your lost items….”. Wow!

The Green Van is the best and you are to be commended for excellent service, great value, and most of all honesty and integrity!

Thanks for all you’ve done,

Greg, Overland Park


The Green Van has many great customer reviews

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