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We can save you TIME

The one commodity that you can’t create more of… is time.  We each get 24 hours in a day.  No more, no less.  There are plenty of distractions, obligations, emergencies, plans, opportunities, and requirements, each fighting for your precious minutes. Wouldn’t you love to spend MORE TIME on your priorities, hopes, and dreams, and LESS […]

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MLB All Star Game

If you went to the All Star Game, email us a picture of your ticket.  The first 16 e-mails get $5 of free dry cleaning.  If you’re not a current customer, you must live in the area that we service (basically that’s the Blue Valley School District, and the Shawnee Mission East area south of […]

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Do you like to wait in lines?

At The Green Van Dry Cleaning, we hate waiting in line. The parking lot at the K?  Maddening. The order line at Starbucks?  Brutal. The Department of Motor Vehicles?  Intolerable. You should never have to wait in line -even for a minute -for your dry cleaning.  The Green Van offers free pick-up and delivery right […]

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Forget to stop at the cleaners again?

Lots of things in life are hard.  Dry cleaning doesn’t have to be one of them.  If you live in Overland Park, Leawood, or Prairie Village, contact us today for free dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service.  Don’t spend another morning searching the bottom of your closet for a pair of “almost clean” pants.  We […]

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We work our fingers to the bone. . . .

We may have worked one of our delivery drivers a little too hard.  Hang in there Slim!

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We offer shoe shining!

Great news!  We now offer shoe shining and shoe repair.  Send in your shoes for a professional shine to match your clean and pressed, look like a million bucks dry cleaning.  Dirty, scuffed up shoes are NOT cool!  Send in your shoes along with your cleaning and let us put a shine on them to […]

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Our competition

I’ve noticed that several local dry cleaners have gone out of business recently.  This doesn’t necessarily translate into more business for The Green Van Dry Cleaning.  It just means that a dry cleaner wasn’t able to keep it going.  And that’s too bad.  Usually this is a “mom and pop” business.  Their quality of cleaning […]

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Welcome new customers!

Tom, Susan, Liz, Caroline, and Linda (our newest customers): Welcome to the most convenient dry cleaning service in Overland Park, Leawood, and Prairie Village!  Thanks for contacting us.  Each week we will make your life very easy by picking up and delivering your dry cleaning right at your front door.

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5 reasons to hate going to the dry cleaner

1.  When it’s 102 degrees out, the only place you should drive is to the pool –not to the dry cleaners. 2.  Strip mall parking lots.  Unless you’re riding a moped, you have to make an eight-point turn just to pull into the parking space. 3.  Your load of cleaning is too big to fit […]

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