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We can save you TIME

The one commodity that you can’t create more of… is time.  We each get 24 hours in a day.  No more, no less.  There are plenty of distractions, obligations, emergencies, plans, opportunities, and requirements, each fighting for your precious minutes. Wouldn’t you love to spend MORE TIME on your priorities, hopes, and dreams, and LESS […]

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You should try wash & fold

What is “wash & fold” service, you ask? Well, we “wash” your clothes, then we “fold” them. This is the daily household chore that you are good at -IN THEORY ONLY. I’m betting that your reality is this: you have a full laundry room. The sheets on your beds haven’t been changed because you dread […]

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Wash & Fold: before and after

If you wear clothes, then you have laundry.  If your family wears clothes, then you have LOTS of laundry.    At the end of the week, I’ll bet you have a couple of piles that you just didn’t get a chance to sort, then wash, then sort for the dryer (air dry and machine dry), […]

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K-Mart, Sears, and JC Penney

What do these three former titans of retail have in common?  They are awful, by almost any measurement.  JCPenney, in its heyday, had over 2000 stores. Now it limps along with about 1000.  It does not occupy a clear space in the retail food chain.  And it hemorrhages money. Kmart used to be THE mass-market […]

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Welcome new customers in Wilshire Place

Welcome to our new customers in Wilshire Place, in Leawood. We are glad you took advantage of our free dry-cleaning offer. Our goal is to become your all-time favorite drycleaner.

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Prom and formal dresses, what you should know

In spring and summer, we clean LOTS of prom dresses, formal gowns, and bridesmaid dresses.  Here’s what dry cleaners want you to know: 1.  We follow the care label cleaning instructions.  There is always a risk of damage during the cleaning process with a specialty gown, even when the most experienced cleaner uses the best […]

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Party bus for your clothes

There are lots of party busses in Kansas City, and that got us thinking… The Green Van is the eco-friendly party bus for your clothes. If the van is rockin’, don’t come knocking.

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Favorite t-shirt and grease stains

What don’t you see on this t-shirt?  Grease stains!!  Well Mom, you probably have several cool t-shirts that you don’t wear because you have some grease stains on the front.   Unfortunately, a squirt of  Spray and Wash won’t do the trick.  Good news:  dry cleaning will!  Send your t-shirt to us and let us dry […]

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Some errands are a pain in the butt

Some errands are not fun, no matter what.  Going to the bank has always been a pain.  It doesn’t matter how nice the building is, how pleasant the tellers are, or how many lollipops they give your kids.  It is still a pain. Financial institutions figured this out, and much of  our banking is now […]

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Compare our prices to Pride (WE WIN!)

Most of the time, receiving an extra service costs more -and everyone is happy to pay for it.  When you stay at a Courtyard Inn, it will cost more than Super 8.  When you have a steak dinner at the Hereford House, you will pay more than the steak at Applebee’s. We have heard many […]

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