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How we clean men’s shirts

You may think that all dry cleaners clean their shirts the same way.  Or maybe you think that we clean them just the same way that you wash them at home.  WRONG!  Our system of cleaning men’s dress shirts is designed to extend their life, remove the stains, and make you look great . . […]

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Shoe repair in Overland Park, Looking Like New!

In addition to providing dry cleaning service, we also shine and repair shoes.  Here’s a very short video, showing a finished product. These shoes with new soles and heels look great!  If you live in Overland Park, Leawood, or Olathe, I want to be your dry cleaner!  Thanks for watching.    

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Party bus for your clothes

There are lots of party busses in Kansas City, and that got us thinking… The Green Van is the eco-friendly party bus for your clothes. If the van is rockin’, don’t come knocking.

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Favorite t-shirt and grease stains

What don’t you see on this t-shirt?  Grease stains!!  Well Mom, you probably have several cool t-shirts that you don’t wear because you have some grease stains on the front.   Unfortunately, a squirt of  Spray and Wash won’t do the trick.  Good news:  dry cleaning will!  Send your t-shirt to us and let us dry […]

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