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Our slogans

We are a small, local business.  We don’t have a multi-million dollar advertising budget.  We don’t have a team of MBA’s to analyze the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.  We don’t have a team of researchers, forming focus groups in order to test slogans.  But, we do have the internet!  So, here’s a list of […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

from the University of Scranton, here are the. . . TOP TEN NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS (and how The Green Van Dry Cleaning will help you achieve them) 1 Lose Weight.  (Have your dry cleaning picked up and delivered by The Green Van.  You now have extra time to take a walk, which burns calories.) 2 […]

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Ring Around the Collar

Ring around the collar.  Specifically, the grime and oil from your neck around the collar of your dress shirt.  Gross.  Here’s how to keep your shirts from looking like you took a brown marker to the fold and inside of your collar, in 1 easy step: 1.  Send your shirts to us for professional cleaning. […]

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Learning from “reality TV”!

For the first time, I watched The Profit, a business-reality tv show featuring Marcus Lemonis as an investor/business coach to small businesses. He went to a coffee company in South Carolina to help. The business was owned by two partners who hated each other. Watching the show was like watching a train wreck in slow motion, […]

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November Food Drive

It’s time to stock our local food banks.  This month, we are collecting non-perishable food items for the New Hope Food Pantry in Olathe.  They are affiliated with Harvesters.  Their shelves are a little bare right now, and they need our help.  On your route pick-up day, please put a couple of items in a […]

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How we clean men’s shirts

You may think that all dry cleaners clean their shirts the same way.  Or maybe you think that we clean them just the same way that you wash them at home.  WRONG!  Our system of cleaning men’s dress shirts is designed to extend their life, remove the stains, and make you look great . . […]

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First impressions matter!

Why should you care about your appearance?  After all, isn’t it true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?  Why doesn’t every book cover  look exactly alike?  Why are there even book covers at all?  Here’s the truth:  we all make judgments about others by their appearance.  And that’s not going to change. […]

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Close to perfect??

Here’s what I tell my customers and team members:  99% is not the same as 100%.  If you have a concern or problem, even if you think it’s a small one, please let me know.  I want the chance to serve you the way you want.  So, if we’re doing things at the 99% level, […]

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Bear Grylls and teamwork

I love outdoors-survival television shows.  Bear Grylls is super-cool.  In fact, I HIGHLY recommend his book, “Mud, Sweat, and Tears”.  As you know, his shows demonstrate how to survive in very difficult situations with no assistance.  Interestingly, in his book, Bear is very quick to credit his team for their collective ability to pull off […]

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K-Mart, Sears, and JC Penney

What do these three former titans of retail have in common?  They are awful, by almost any measurement.  JCPenney, in its heyday, had over 2000 stores. Now it limps along with about 1000.  It does not occupy a clear space in the retail food chain.  And it hemorrhages money. Kmart used to be THE mass-market […]

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