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Did you host company? We can help!

Over the Easter weekend, we hosted Kari’s cousin and her family for the weekend.  Like us, they have four kids, and we all had a great time.  We hope they’ll come back and visit us soon.  Today, we are putting our house back in order and returning to our regular routine.  We DIDN’T wash any laundry […]

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You should try wash & fold

What is “wash & fold” service, you ask? Well, we “wash” your clothes, then we “fold” them. This is the daily household chore that you are good at -IN THEORY ONLY. I’m betting that your reality is this: you have a full laundry room. The sheets on your beds haven’t been changed because you dread […]

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K-Mart, Sears, and JC Penney

What do these three former titans of retail have in common?  They are awful, by almost any measurement.  JCPenney, in its heyday, had over 2000 stores. Now it limps along with about 1000.  It does not occupy a clear space in the retail food chain.  And it hemorrhages money. Kmart used to be THE mass-market […]

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Welcome new customers in Wilshire Place

Welcome to our new customers in Wilshire Place, in Leawood. We are glad you took advantage of our free dry-cleaning offer. Our goal is to become your all-time favorite drycleaner.

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from The Green Van.  We honor the men and women of our armed forces who have died to protect our freedom.  Our office will be closed on Memorial Day.  If you are a Monday route customer, we will be picking up on Tuesday instead.  Enjoy the holiday!

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Favorite t-shirt and grease stains

What don’t you see on this t-shirt?  Grease stains!!  Well Mom, you probably have several cool t-shirts that you don’t wear because you have some grease stains on the front.   Unfortunately, a squirt of  Spray and Wash won’t do the trick.  Good news:  dry cleaning will!  Send your t-shirt to us and let us dry […]

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Sweaters and bugs

  This time of year, we clean lots of sweaters.  Unfortunately, sweaters are also popular with bugs in your home.  Here’s what they do:  eat!  These little creatures may be attracted to the fiber content, the finish, or a spill –no matter how small.  Sometimes insects will chomp a small but visible hole in your […]

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Comforter Season!

It’s getting cold at night in Overland Park and Leawood!  But before you switch to your cold-weather comforter, send it to us first.  Now is the time to have it professionally cleaned.  We are running our annual fall comforter special:   $31.99 to clean any comforter $31.99 to clean and press your duvet cover $5.99 […]

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No one beats our customer service!

Customer Service Success story:  Mr. F in Leawood left his money clip in his pants pocket this morning.   The location of his pants:  in his green laundry bag.  Location of the green laundry bag:  in our green van!  His wife emailed us; we returned to their home with the money clip –with all of the […]

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Poker night

We were a proud sponsor of the Wilshire Farms’ men’s poker night tonight.  Thanks to Wes, for coordinating this and inviting us.  What does it mean to be a sponsor?  Easy:  we bought the beer.   We have a bunch of customers in Wilshire Farms (near 159th and Antioch in Overland Park).   With The Green Van […]

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