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Small powers. . .


An immense effect may be produced by small powers wisely and steadily directed. -Noah Webster.

Every week, I send a reminder email to our dry cleaning and laundry route customers.  In the e-mail, I remind them of their pick-up day, and I also include a quote of the week.  This was the most recent quote that I sent.  It sure applies to our business!  Last year, we started a new chapter in our small company.  We opened our first retail location, for dry cleaning and laundry drop off and pick-up.  It’s at 10380 Mastin Street, in Overland Park, next to Skate City.  Prior to this, we have offered service exclusively through routes.  Opening a location is not a small task!

We try our best to direct our “small powers” wisely.  We don’t have the luxury of a large marketing budget.  And we can’t afford to take big risks or make large mistakes.  So we have to be as wise as we can.  We need to know our customers and their needs.  We have to know our capabilities.  We must be ready and available to meet the opportunities as they come.

Also, we must direct our “small powers” steadily.  This means that we must be consistent.  We must provide a consistent end product:  dry cleaning and laundry.  We must provide consistent service on our routes.  We must consistently work as a team.  Our customer service, route driving, marketing, dry cleaning and laundry processing all must work in the same direction each day, to make our customers’ lives easier.

So, where is our overall direction?  We want to grow our business!  In the part of Overland Park where we are located, two dry cleaners have closed within the past year.  One was across from Oak Park Mall.  The other was at the corner of 87th and Antioch.  That may give us opportunity to serve folks who are now looking for a new dry cleaner.  Also, there is not a laundromat anywhere near our location.  I think that gives us an opportunity to serve this part of town (in the zip code 66212, basically the corridor between I-435 and 95th Street, and between Pflumm and Metcalf) with laundry service.  We are also gaining new small business laundry customers, and I hope to continue that trend.  Recently, we have added several event planning services, a custom gown maker, and a fast-growing barbershop.  These companies use our laundry service for their dry cleaning, linens, and towel service.

Our route service continues to be a vital part of our business.  We have expanded our routes to include the following areas:

  • Mission, Kansas
  • Fairway, Kansas
  • northern Prairie Village, Kansas
  • Mission Hills, Kansas
  • Brookside, Kansas City
  • Waldo, Kansas City

As southern Johnson County continues to develop, we continue to add route customers in that part of our service area.

So, we are hoping that our “small powers wisely and steadily directed” will produce an immense effect for our business!  Thanks for choosing us for your dry cleaning and laundry needs.  We appreciate the opportunity to make your life easier.

Derek Anderson, owner

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