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Leather and Suede

If you have any of these items, send them into us for professional cleaning.  We will take great care to make them look and feel like new. PLEASE BE AWARE.  WE REQUIRE YOUR CONSENT TO CLEAN THESE ITEMS.

– Leather jackets

– Leather skirts

– Suede jackets

– Uggs boots and slippers

– Sheepskin Rugs

– Handbags

What To Expect After Cleaning

 Although cleaning technologies for leather and suede are constantly improving, some change of appearance almost always will result from the cleaning process. The following gives you an idea of what to expect:


Leather garments are made from skins taken from various portions of the animal and usually from several different animals. The manufacturer tries to match the skins as uniformly as possible, but even the best matching may still show some variance in texture, weight, and color uniformity. These may be accentuated after cleaning.


Be prepared for a slight variance in the depth of color after cleaning. Skins from various parts of the animal may have different colorfastness. Also, some leather dyes may be soluble in dry cleaning fluid, resulting in an overall color loss. The cleaner may be able to correct some color loss and variance through refinishing procedures. In some cases, an exact match to the original may not be possible.


During cleaning, some of the oils used in the tanning process to keep leather supple may be lost. A professional leather cleaner has special additives to restore suppleness, but there still may be some change in the feel of the garment.


Tanners often use fillers before dying to mask any scar tissue, hair follicles or other imperfections on the leather. Cleaning may remove some of the fillers and cause the defects to reappear.


Skins taken from certain parts of an animal are naturally wrinkled and have been stretched during manufacturing to achieve a smooth appearance. The agitation of cleaning can relax the leather, accentuating the wrinkles.


Manufacturers sometimes combine a smoother skin with a skin whose texture is more coarse. Cleaning may make this more apparent. Different textures also may vary in how they absorb the fat liquors and additives in the cleaning process, resulting in some areas being darker than others. It is a natural phenomenon that is beyond the control of the cleaner.


Although some shrinkage is likely to occur over time as the skins relax, this may be accentuated in cleaning. As you wear your garment, this snugness should dissipate. If the skins have been overstretched during manufacturing, they may relax permanently.


Some skins are extremely thin and too fragile for use in apparel. These skins tend to wear exceptionally fast, even with normal usage. The agitation of cleaning will further aggravate the damage of thin skins.


Adhesives used to glue seams, hems, and other areas may not be solvent-resistant. When the glues do not dissolve completely, they may seep through the leather and cause shaded areas.


Leather buttons and piping on fabric items sometimes cause problems by bleeding color onto the adjacent fabric. All attached trim should be able to withstand the care method on the label. If this problem occurs, the item should be returned to the retailer. A dry cleaner may choose not to accept a leather-trimmed garment if tests for colorfastness show that the leather dye may bleed or transfer onto the fabric portion of the garment.


Exposure to light and atmospheric gases can cause leather dyes to oxidize over time. Protected areas, such as under the collar, will retain more of the original color. This may become more noticeable after cleaning and usually cannot be corrected by the leather cleaner.

Traditional Washing vs. Dry Cleaning Leather and Suede

Leather and suede cleaning is a specialized process and cannot be cleaned the same way as other fabrics. Commonly used leather cleaning products can cause damage to your garments. Leather and suede need to be treated with special cleaning products that are pH balanced for their unique composition. Here are a few reasons why you should get your leather and suede professionally dry cleaned instead of throwing them in the washing machine:

  • Washing leather in the washing machine could result in cracking, staining, shrinking, streaking, and drying out the material.
  • Leather can’t survive being soaked with water and it could permanently ruin your items.
  • Professional dry cleaning services gently use powerful cleaning products to clear away dirt and debris while maintaining the finish, feel, and color of the garment.

Problems With Imitation Leathers and Suedes

Imitation leathers and suedes are produced in a variety of ways and are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Some leathers may be coated with vinyl- or urethane-based films, while others may be made to look like suede. These coatings and imitations may be vulnerable to self-sticking, blistering, puckering or stiffening in dry cleaning.