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Wash & Fold service, who are our customers?

Who uses our residential wash & fold service?  Well, lots of people do.  Broadly, they tend to fall into two categories. Families:  parents with kids at home.  Life is busy with work, activities, homework, and school.  Laundry just never seems to get done.  Often, mom is in charge of laundry in the house, and she […]

October 12, 2018 in

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We clean wedding gowns

If you have a wedding gown that is hanging in the back of your closet, bring it to us.  We offer professional cleaning and preserving.  Please allow at least several weeks, as these gowns require specialized cleaning.  

August 20, 2018 in

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We use GreenEarth dry cleaning!

Dry cleaning simply means that the cleaning method used  does not involve water.  In the past, dry cleaning required the use of perc, a petroleum based solvent.  At The Green Van, we use GreenEarth, a silicone based cleaning agent.  GreenEarth is NOT petroleum based.  It is tough on stains, gentle on your clothes, and good […]

July 28, 2018 in

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Summer…dry cleaning…tablecloths and linens…and wash & fold

In the summer, business slows down a little for dry cleaners.  People wear their casual clothes to work and families are out of town more frequently.  HOWEVER, if you still wear clothes (and I hope that you do), we are ready to help you.  Summer is a great time to use our wash & fold […]

June 28, 2018 in

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Prairie Village, Fairway, Mission Hills

Hello Prairie Village, Fairway, and Mission Hills!  Our dry cleaning and laundry routes serve your part of Johnson County.  We want your business!  Here’s what you can expect from us: Reliable pick-up and delivery service Next day turnaround Top quality dry cleaning Wash & fold service that saves you a BUNCH of time Helpful customer […]

April 21, 2018 in

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Small powers. . .

An immense effect may be produced by small powers wisely and steadily directed. -Noah Webster. Every week, I send a reminder email to our dry cleaning and laundry route customers.  In the e-mail, I remind them of their pick-up day, and I also include a quote of the week.  This was the most recent quote […]

March 24, 2018 in

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Visit our store!

Have you stopped by our store yet?  We are conveniently located just off of US 69 Highway and 103rd Street in Overland Park.  We are just across the parking lot from Skate City.  If you live in the Oak Park, Wycliff, and surrounding areas, you drive past us all the time.  We want to become […]

February 20, 2018 in

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Managing inventory (don’t do this)

If you are a business owner or if you manage any aspect of a business, one of your tasks is to manage your inventory.  This process can be overwhelming when you consider all of the items you need to have on hand in order to be operational.  Some systems, small investments, and common sense will help. […]

January 24, 2018 in

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Moms: Are you lazy if you use our wash and fold service?

Are you lazy if you use a wash & fold service for your laundry?  It seems that a lot of people have that impression.  You can just hear the conversation, “You mean to tell me that there are people (moms) out there who won’t even wash their own clothes?!  Wow!  They should be ashamed of […]

January 16, 2018 in

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We clean UGG boots!

It’s winter weather and that means UGG season.  If your UGG boots have ground-in dirt and grime, we can help.  We will professionally clean them using the best products in the industry. Bring them to us!  Or if you are one of our route customers, send them in along with your dry cleaning and laundry. […]

December 7, 2017 in

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