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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Eve

from the University of Scranton, here are the. . .


(and how The Green Van Dry Cleaning will help you achieve them)

1 Lose Weight.  (Have your dry cleaning picked up and delivered by The Green Van.  You now have extra time to take a walk, which burns calories.)
2 Getting Organized.  (The Green Van has a weekly route schedule, and we even remind you of it.  Organization starts with dry cleaning!!!)
3 Spend Less, Save More.  (The Green Van’s prices are VERY COMPETITIVE.  And you save gas money, since we pick-up and deliver for free.)
4 Enjoy Life to the Fullest.  (Going to the dry cleaner is NOT enjoyable.  Get rid of that annoying errand.  Use our free pick-up and delivery service!)
5 Staying Fit and Healthy.  (No more dry cleaning errands.  With your extra time, do 25 push-ups.)
6 Learn Something Exciting.  (Also with your extra free time and organized life, you can read those books you’ve always wanted to.)
7 Quit Smoking.  (Hmm. . . .  I know!  Every time you put your dry cleaning on your front step for us to pick-up, remind yourself to quit smoking!!)
8 Help Others in Their Dreams.  (Well, my dream is to make dry cleaning errands a thing of the past in Johnson County.  You can help me with this dream by using our super-convenient dry cleaning route service. J)
9 Fall in Love.  (With freshly cleaned and pressed clothes delivered right to your door, you will impress your sweetie –even if you’ve been married to him/her for decades.  Love is in the air in 2015.)
10 Spend More Time with Family.  (And spend less time -actually NO TIME – at the dry cleaner.  We pick-up and deliver for free!)

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