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How we clean men’s shirts


You may think that all dry cleaners clean their shirts the same way.  Or maybe you think that we clean them just the same way that you wash them at home.  WRONG!  Our system of cleaning men’s dress shirts is designed to extend their life, remove the stains, and make you look great . . . all behind the scenes.

  1. We unbutton the collars and cuffs. (We love it if they come to us this way!  Thanks in advance for unbuttoning them.)
  2. Check for rips, usually along the cuffs or elbows.
  3. Sort the shirts by color.
  4. Sort the shirts by starch preference.
  5. Pre-scrub the cuffs and collars.  This breaks down the oils and dirt (ring around the collar).
  6. Bring the problem stains to the steam and spotting board.   Applying specialty stain removers and steam does wonders to many stains.
  7. Soak the shirts in a detergent/OxyClean combo.
  8. Commercially launder the shirts with commercial grade enzymatic cleaner, designed to break down protein stains.
  9. Add starch to the laundry load.  Starch mixes with the water to assure a uniform application.  No cheap “plastic starch” for us.  We only use the good stuff.
  10. pH balance the laundry load.  This makes sure that the shirts don’t lose their brightness.
  11. Inspect the shirts again before we press them.
  12. Press them using a shirt-pressing machine.  The shirts are pressed wet.  Heat and steam dries and presses the shirts.
  13. Put the shirt on a hanger and package it inside our biodegradable poly bags to cover and protect them.
  14. Done!  You now have a shirt ready for the board room, big meeting, or another successful day at the office.


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