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Prom and formal dresses, what you should know


In spring and summer, we clean LOTS of prom dresses, formal gowns, and bridesmaid dresses.  Here’s what dry cleaners want you to know:

1.  We follow the care label cleaning instructions.  There is always a risk of damage during the cleaning process with a specialty gown, even when the most experienced cleaner uses the best equipment.  If a dry cleaner tells you otherwise, he is lying.

2.  Prongs that hold rhinestones can snag other part of the dress, especially mesh.

3.  Sequins and beads that are sewn onto the dress can come loose during cleaning.

4.  “Spot clean only” doesn’t really exist as a cleaning method.  If we steam a spot to remove a stain, a water ring will likely emerge.

5.  Pleats in the train are generally permanently pressed when they are manufactured.  It is very difficult and expensive to re-press these.  Almost always, the pleats come through the cleaning process still pressed.

6.  The best dry cleaners will put your formal dress in a net bag to assure that it is cleaned as gently as possible.

So, with all of these warnings, should you have the dress cleaned?  If you are planning to keep the dress, clean it.  Here’s why:  if you don’t have it cleaned, the hem will still have dirt on it.  The small spills from dinner will still be there (a perfect snack for a moth).  And it will have no chance of being worn again.  If you have a trustworthy dry cleaner, and you know the risk of cleaning, go for it.

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