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Why should you care about your appearance?  After all, isn’t it true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?  Why doesn’t every book cover  look exactly alike?  Why are there even book covers at all?  Here’s the truth:  we all make judgments about others by their appearance.  And that’s not going to change.  Why do police officers wear uniforms?  So that you can immediately judge their position by their appearance.  Whether you think about it or not, your appearance is what others are judging you by.

If you are a professional, and you want to be taken seriously by others, you won’t show up to work in tight sweatpants and a cut-off t-shirt.  Since you are visiting our website, you already know these things.

  • You know that a professionally pressed shirt looks a lot better than a shirt just pulled from the dryer.
  • You know that a pair of dress slacks conveys a different image than a pair of wrinkled khakis that are frayed at the hem.
  • You know that a shined pair of loafers projects a professional persona and that a pair of beat-up tennis shoes does not.

I want to make sure that the clothes you wear to work look good enough to tell the world that you are a competent professional -ready to solve problems, make decisions, accomplish goals, and lead others!   The Green Van Dry Cleaning is a full service dry cleaner, serving Leawood, Overland Park, and Olathe.  We specialize in making your clothes -and you -look great.

Thanks for your business.  -Derek Anderson, owner

P.S.  We also offer professional shoe shines and shoe repair service.

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