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  • Do your routes serve my neighborhood?Here are the Kansas zip codes we serve with pick-up and delivery routes:  66221, 66223, 66224, 66202, 66204, 66205, 66206, 66207, 66208, 66209, 66210, 66211, 66212, 66062, 66085.Here are the Missouri zip codes we serve with pick-up and delivery routes: 64111,  64113, 64114.If you don’t see your zip code, please contact us to see if we can serve you as well.
  • How does your service work for dry cleaning?  We are a dry cleaning and laundry service with pick-up and delivery.  In your neighborhood, we pick up your clothes on your designated pick-up morning (for example: each Wednesday morning). We give you a bag for your dry cleaning.  Just place your green bag on your front step on these mornings that you need to use our service. We’ll drive past your home and pick up your bag if it is out. We clean your clothes and deliver them back to you the following afternoon.
  • How does your service work for laundry wash & fold?  It works the same way as our dry cleaning route service.  We give you a different bag for wash & fold.  Your job:  fill the laundry bag and put it on your step on your weekly pick-up day.  We do the rest!
  • How does your service work for small business laundry?  We will work with you to set up a pick-up and delivery schedule that works for you.  We charge by the pound.  You do not have to sign a contract with us to use our service.
  • I travel for business and I don’t have a regular schedule.  Will this service still work for me?  Many of our customers travel for business.  Just call or e-mail us if you need a pick-up other than your regular pick-up day.
  • Is this service expensive?  Visit our prices page, and you’ll see that our prices are very reasonable.    And remember there is no additional charge for the super convenient pick-up and delivery!
  • What if I’m not home for the delivery? We provide a wreath hanger for you. Just have your wreath hanger on your front door, and we’ll hang your clothes on it for you.
  • What if it’s raining outside on the delivery day? We will ring your doorbell and hand the clothes to you if the weather is an issue. We are very motivated to make sure that your clothes come back to your door cleaned, pressed, and ready to make you look great.  We will treat your clothes as if they were our own –with care!
  • How do I tell you about a spot or stain on my dry cleaning clothes? Just drop a note in your bag with the information. For example: “coffee stain on left sleeve of blue shirt”.
  • What if I need pick-up service on a day other than my pick-up day? Give us a call; we’ll schedule a pick up for you.
  • How do I pay for the service?  Simple and easy!  We keep your credit card on file for billing.  For your records, we will attach an invoice with the detailed total for each order.  If you ever have a billing question, just call.  We are happy to help.  Our office phone is 913-402-9400.
  • Do I have to sign a contract or commit to using your service every week? No. We will drive past your home on your pick-up day. If your bag is out, we’ll pick it up. If it’s not out, we will know that you didn’t need our service that week.
  • Do you replace broken buttons on my pressed shirts? Yes –free of charge.
  • Will my clothes get stolen if you deliver them to my door?  We have made nearly 100,000 deliveries since we started in 2003.  That has never happened.  We deliver your clothes in the mid-afternoon, when neighborhoods are the most active and safe.
  • Is your service green and environmentally friendly?  Yes indeed!  For our wash & fold laundry, we use natural detergents from Seventh Generation and Method.  For our dry cleaning, we use Green Earth dry cleaning systems. We recycle thousands of hangers every year.  The plastic bags that cover and protect your dry cleaning are biodegradable.  And when you use The Green Van, you are “carpooling” your dry cleaning and laundry.  It doesn’t get more “green” than The Green Van!
  • Do you provide service to offices, condos, and apartments? Yes!
  • How do I start service? It’s easy.  Just call us at 913-402-9400.  Or click here.


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