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Clothes can wear out

socks with holes

A Public Service Announcement on behalf of all dry cleaners:

Have you ever noticed that socks don’t get holes in them on the shin?  Nope, it’s on the toes and heels.  Obviously, that is because of wear and friction.  The fibers of the sock thin out, then separate, and then a hole appears -often after the socks come out of the washing machine.  At that point, do you blame your washing machine for the hole in your sock?  Of course not.

Your shirts and pants wear out the exact same way.  If you rub your elbow on your desk at work, the fabric will thin.  During the laundering process (in your washing machine or at the dry cleaner), the agitation can cause the already thinned material to give.  Then you have an elbow blow-out.  If you rub against a counter or desk top repeatedly, your shirt or pants will also suffer from wear.  Then when these items are cleaned, weakened fibers may give way.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but this is not the fault of your dry cleaner or his equipment.  They are professionals, and effectively handle thousands of items every week.  Their processes are designed to clean and press clothes, following care label instructions.  If you ever notice a hole that suddenly appeared in your garment after cleaning, hold the item up to the light and look for thin material surrounding the hole.  Then remember how the holes in your socks got there!

Please feel welcome to contact us if you ever have a question or concern about your dry cleaning order.

P.S.  Dry cleaners cannot burn clothes.  The pressing machines that dry cleaners use are steam-based.  These machines and irons are not capable of burning fabrics.

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