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Dry clean your Christmas tablecloths

A beautifully appointed table for a Christmas meal will probably include a Christmas tablecloth. You want to serve your family and loved ones with a special meal. Town and Country Magazine offers many elegant ideas for Christmas table settings. Take some stress out of the equation today by getting your tablecloth and linens professionally cleaned. […]

December 2, 2019 in

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Comforter Cleaning

The Green Van Dry Cleaning & Laundry expertly cleans your beautiful comforters, including down comforters. How long has it been since your comforter was cleaned? Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your comforters and duvet covers. Comforter cleaning can be done with your home washer, especially if it is a small comforter. If […]

October 31, 2019 in

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We can save you TIME

The one commodity that you can’t create more of… is time.  We each get 24 hours in a day.  No more, no less.  There are plenty of distractions, obligations, emergencies, plans, opportunities, and requirements, each fighting for your precious minutes. Wouldn’t you love to spend MORE TIME on your priorities, hopes, and dreams, and LESS […]

September 4, 2019 in , , , , , , ,

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Customer Profile: Compost Collective

Compost Collective is a small business laundry customer of The Green Van Laundry Service. They are a really innovative service, based in Brookside, and serving many metro neighborhoods in Kansas and Missouri. Their goal:  keep food waste out of the landfill and make it easy for you. Here’s how it works:  you sign up for a […]

June 13, 2019 in , ,

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Detergent booster for laundry -all natural Borax

In our laundry processes, commercial and residential, we use a detergent booster to help get stains and smells out of the linens and laundry.  It’s Borax.  Maybe you’ve seen it at the store.  It does just what it advertises on the back of the box: enhances cleaning power of laundry detergent natural alternative to color […]

June 1, 2019 in , , ,

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Laundry service for small businesses

If your business needs a laundry service, we just might be right for you! We are different from the big linen services in the following ways: You do not need to sign a contract with us. We are confident that you’ll love our service and will continue to use it. You own your linens, towels, […]

May 16, 2019 in

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Small powers. . .

An immense effect may be produced by small powers wisely and steadily directed. -Noah Webster. Every week, I send a reminder email to our dry cleaning and laundry route customers.  In the e-mail, I remind them of their pick-up day, and I also include a quote of the week.  This was the most recent quote […]

March 24, 2018 in

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Managing inventory (don’t do this)

If you are a business owner or if you manage any aspect of a business, one of your tasks is to manage your inventory.  This process can be overwhelming when you consider all of the items you need to have on hand in order to be operational.  Some systems, small investments, and common sense will help. […]

January 24, 2018 in

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So, you don’t want to send us your underwear. . . .

“I don’t want someone else to wash my underwear!”  Do you really think that’s a good enough reason to spend 8-10 hours a week fighting through your laundry piles? Here’s how the problem is solved:   send us only the laundry that you want us to clean.  Do the rest of it yourself.  Everybody wins. […]

July 19, 2017 in

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What do your clothes tell the world?

What you wear makes a difference!  Look at pictures of Americans from 100 years ago.  You will see decorum and dignity, from the most humble laborer to the most opulent business tycoon.  Now look at the folks around you:  jeans, t-shirts, “active wear”, hoodies, and yoga pants.  Nothing wrong with these, I guess.  But what […]

April 24, 2017 in

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