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Keeping Laundry Safe

We do not co-mingle laundry. In other words, we do not mix your laundry with anyone else’s. This is true for our commercial clients and for our residential customers. We process each customer’s laundry separately through the entire process. Our dryers are set to a minimum of 140 degrees. This temperature kills pathogens, bacteria, and […]

March 13, 2020 in

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Coronavirus and laundry, we can help

Everyone is aware of the the potential for rapid spread of the coronavirus -around the world, and even in our local communities. Regarding laundry: What do you need to do to minimize the risk of exposure and spreading? According the CDC (Center for Disease Control): “Launder items as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. […]

March 5, 2020 in

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Hotel Towels

Hotel owners and managers in Overland Park and surrounding communities: do you have a pile of towels that you need to reclaim due to stains? Your housekeeping staff probably does not have time to work on these. And your laundry equipment probably runs all day, just to keep up with your linens. Instead of letting […]

February 8, 2020 in

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One-time business laundry needs

Does your business have a one-time, or short term laundry need? We can help! We can pick up and deliver right at your office. Tablecloths, linens, uniforms that you need to refresh, light medical, etc. If it needs to be laundered, and you do not have the capacity to do it on-site, let us do […]

January 30, 2020 in

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Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaner

Like you, we want to be good stewards of our natural resources and environment. After all, it’s where we live! The Green Van is definitely an environmentally dry cleaner. Here’s a list of some of the ways we seek to preserve and best use our natural resources in an environmentally friendly way: We use cleaning […]

January 8, 2020 in

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2020 Happy New Year and update

Happy New Year from The Green Van! 2020 marks the beginning of our 18th year in business! We are very thankful for your business. Our team looks forward to serving you in the upcoming year, and many years to come. Please note that our costs continue to increase. We are always looking for ways to […]

January 6, 2020 in

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Dry clean your Christmas tablecloths

A beautifully appointed table for a Christmas meal will probably include a Christmas tablecloth. You want to serve your family and loved ones with a special meal. Town and Country Magazine offers many elegant ideas for Christmas table settings. Take some stress out of the equation today by getting your tablecloth and linens professionally cleaned. […]

December 2, 2019 in

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Comforter Cleaning

The Green Van Dry Cleaning & Laundry expertly cleans your beautiful comforters, including down comforters. How long has it been since your comforter was cleaned? Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your comforters and duvet covers. Comforter cleaning can be done with your home washer, especially if it is a small comforter. If […]

October 31, 2019 in

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We can save you TIME

The one commodity that you can’t create more of… is time.  We each get 24 hours in a day.  No more, no less.  There are plenty of distractions, obligations, emergencies, plans, opportunities, and requirements, each fighting for your precious minutes. Wouldn’t you love to spend MORE TIME on your priorities, hopes, and dreams, and LESS […]

September 4, 2019 in , , , , , , ,

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Customer Profile: Compost Collective

Compost Collective is a small business laundry customer of The Green Van Laundry Service. They are a really innovative service, based in Brookside, and serving many metro neighborhoods in Kansas and Missouri. Their goal:  keep food waste out of the landfill and make it easy for you. Here’s how it works:  you sign up for a […]

June 13, 2019 in , ,

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