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Bear Grylls and teamwork

Bear Grylls

I love outdoors-survival television shows.  Bear Grylls is super-cool.  In fact, I HIGHLY recommend his book, “Mud, Sweat, and Tears”.  As you know, his shows demonstrate how to survive in very difficult situations with no assistance.  Interestingly, in his book, Bear is very quick to credit his team for their collective ability to pull off the shows.  I have no doubt that Bear Grylls could survive solo in predicaments that are nearly impossible.  But over a lifetime, who would want to live in a shelter made of pine branches and leaves?  Who wants to eat beetles, worms, and live frogs?  Not me.

To do more than just survive, we need each other.  That is certainly true in business.  Even the smallest, one-person operation uses plenty of outside help.  For example, if you mow lawns part-time by yourself:  did you make your lawn mower?  How about your truck or trailer?  Where did you get your cell phone -under a rock in the forest?  How about the sturdy shoes you wear?  Do you own the bank where you cash your customers’ checks?  Where did you get the gasoline for your mower?

At The Green Van Dry Cleaning, we want to be a part of your success.  We want your clothes to look professional, so you can set a tone of success in your place of business.  We want your after-hours clothes to look great, because everyone knows that you feel better when you look good.  We want your shoes to shine and be in good repair, lasting you for years.  Most importantly, we want to free up a little bit of time in your week by picking up and delivering your clothes right to your door.  No need for you to put dry cleaning errands on your to-do list.

Thanks for your business, and here’s to your successful day!

– Derek Anderson, owner

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