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Meet the Owner

I’m Derek Anderson, the owner and president of The Green Van Dry Cleaning & Laundry.  Thanks for stopping by our website.

My wife, Kari, and I started our dry cleaning company in 2003 while I was still working as an account executive for a technology firm in Overland Park. Gradually we grew to the point where I could quit my “real job” and devote my full-time attention to our dry cleaning service.

In 2015, we introduced the laundry side of our business.  We are pleased to provide laundry wash & fold service to our residential customers.  We also offer commercial laundry service for small to medium size businesses.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service to you!  After we started our business, lots of industries have also changed, with the goal of customer convenience.  Smart phones, tablets, Amazon Prime, Netflix, even grocery delivery.  I guess we were on the cutting edge! :)  

I want it to be easy for you to

  • try our service
  • use our service
  • contact us with a problem
  • pay for our service

I grew up in Marshalltown, Iowa, and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa.  Overland Park has been home for our family since 1997. We have four great kids who keep us busy and entertained.

I love to read!  Here’s a brief list of books that have influenced me, and our company.



Quick facts about Derek:

My favorite restaurant:  Joe’s KC

My first job:  delivering the Times-Republican, the local newspaper in Marshalltown.  My twin brother and I split a paper route for years.

The hardest job I ever had: detassling corn in central Iowa as a teenager.  But the upside was that I made a whopping $3.35 an hour and our crew received a 15 minute water break twice a day (unpaid of course).  Want to learn more about my detasseling experience?  Click about.

A memorable accomplishment: running the Twin Cities Marathon with Kari in 2005.  This was even more difficult than detassling corn!

My first dry cleaning memory: going to Meeker’s Cleaners in Marshalltown, Iowa, as a boy with my dad.

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