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5 little hiring secrets. . .

As a business owner, one of my jobs is to hire people.  Part of the hiring process is the interview.  I’ve conducted quite a few interviews over the years, and I have some tips to share with you.

1.  Set your timer on your cell phone for 5 minutes less than the length of the interview.  When it beeps, wrap it up.

2.  At the start of the interview, tell the candidate what you want to accomplish in the interview.  For example, “Today, I want to tell you about my company and the position available.  Feel welcome to ask questions.  Also I want to learn more about your background and experience.  I’ll start. . . ”

3.  Dress nicely, even though you are the boss.  This is the chance you have to make a first impression.  You want to look professional.

4.  Observe your candidate:  Did he show up on time?  Did she dress with the appropriate amount of professionalism?  Did he bother to bring pen and notepad?

5.  Here’s the most important tip.  Do this one simple thing:  ask questions, such as,  “Why did you leave that job?”  “Where are you headed in life?”  “What made you interested in this job opportunity?” “How would your 3 best friends describe you?”.

Then think about what the candidate said.  Is he negative toward others?  Did she offer excuses about everything?  Did he demonstrate any of the qualities you are looking for?  Does she smile?  Remember, the person on the other side of the table is giving you his very best shot at a first impression.  You can train specific skills, but you won’t change a person’s character or personality.


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