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You can’t fight every battle

Regarding our residential wash and fold laundry service:  sometimes we hear the following, “What?  You actually wash, dry, and fold other people’s laundry?  Who actually pays someone to do that?”

My reply is pretty simple.  “Yes, this is a luxury service.  But most of the things in our lives are luxuries.  You don’t need a bed.  You could sleep on the floor.  You don’t need a microwave.  You could eat your food cold.  You don’t need more than one pair of shoes.”

The questions are:  what battles are you willing to fight in your life?  Do you want laundry to be one of them?

If you like doing laundry (some people do), and moving the laundry from dirty to clean, and from clean to dry, and from dry to folded is enjoyable to you…then you are probably not interested in our home laundry service with pick-up and delivery at your door.

But, if you are in the stage of life where:

  • You have lots of activities and commitments
  • You have lots of laundry in your house


  • You don’t love doing your family’s laundry (or your own laundry!)
  • You think it’s a fair trade to free up your time by hiring a service to help you
  • You live in the areas we service (Johnson County, Kansas east of I-35, including Oveland Park, Prairie Village, Leawood, Mission Hills, Fairway.  In Missouri:  south of the Plaza, Brookside, Waldo, and the Blue Hills Country Club area).


  • You will love The Green Van’s wash and fold service!  We pick up and deliver at your door.  You can choose from natural based detergents.  We set up auto-billing to make it easy.  Contact us to get started!

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