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Saving time

There are only several reasons why you might use our service:

  1. You need your dry cleaning, clothes, tablecloths, towels, or linens to be clean.
  2. You need these items to look good.
  3. You need TIME!

We delivery (literally) on all of these.

Clean:  of course.  We are in the business of dry cleaning, wash & fold laundry, and laundry/linen service.  Your items will get clean with The Green Van.

Look good:  absolutely.  Not only are your items clean, but we press or fold them so that they look good.  And you look good, too.

Time:  Without a doubt.  Every day, you get 1,440 minutes.  No exceptions.  When the day is done, the time is gone.  But when you use The Green Van for your dry cleaning, wash & fold, or laundry services, you get time back.  The time you would have spent handling these chores is now YOUR time.  We pick-up and deliver.  We make life easier for you.  And we save you a very precious commodity:  TIME!

Thanks for your business.

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