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Don’t store sweaters (or any other garment) without first….

Many of our customers have put away their winter attire, and they won’t get it out until October.  Then they may have a surprise:  insect damage.  Insects love to munch on fabric stains, even if the stains are miniscule. Insect They chew the fibers of the garment, and often it’s not enough to create a hole….yet.  But when you wear the suit, shirt, or sweater, your movement will loosen the fibers and the holes will begin to appear.  Or, when you send these to your dry cleaner, the agitation of the cleaning process will be the final strand, literally.  Yes, I know. . .  “that hole wasn’t there when I sent the sweater to you!”  That’s true, but not the complete story.  Your little housemates (moths, silverfish, carpet beetles, etc.) were doing the damage while your garments were unsafely stored during these hot summer months.

To minimize the risk of the unpleasant surprise of insect damage to your winter wardrobe, store your clothes in a cedar closet or cedar chest.  If you don’t have either of these, purchase cedar blocks and put them in your closet.  IMPORTANT:  DON’T store your clothes without cleaning them first.

The money you’ll spend on the cedar blocks and cleaning will be far less than the cost to replace your damaged clothes.

Here’s an article that gives more information:


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