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Facts about using a laundry service

This post is directed toward moms in Johnson County.  I want to assure you that using a laundry service is a good thing, and it will help your life!  Let’s deal with the facts:

FACT:  Most moms hate laundry.  It never ends, and is a long, drawn-out, multi-step process that you have to restart every day.

FACT:  Even though you schedule your waking hours around washing, drying, and folding your family’s clothes, no one in your home is grateful for this.  They just assume that it happens.

FACT:  Laundry isn’t rocket science; it just takes lots and lots of time.

FACT:  Your husband generates LOTS more laundry than you do.

FACT:  Your kids generate WAY more laundry than you do.  Since you are the one washing, you are pretty judicious with your own clothes.  Not the case with everyone else in your household.

FACT:  Your husband and kids think that they have “done the laundry” when they put their dirty clothes in the basket, hamper, or designated drop-off.  They are proud of themselves for their hard work at this point.

FACT:  You are not going to change your kids or husband in this area of domestic life.  Without a laundry service, you are destined to live in your laundry purgatory for the foreseeable future.

FACT:  You would love to hire a laundry service, but you feel guilty.  You should be able to handle this.  This is called “mom guilt”.

FACT:  There is basically no such thing as “Dad guilt”.  When you husband can’t do something (replace the brakes on your car), or doesn’t want to do something (spread weed killer on the lawn), he simply HIRES someone.  Instead of guilt, he pats himself on the back for getting this errand finished.

FACT:  You no longer need to suffer from LFS:  Laundry Fatigue Syndrome.  Don’t let your “mom guilt” get in the way.  The Green Van is here to help.  We are Johnson County’s experts in making your life easier.

Our laundry wash & fold service is ready to serve you.  Starting service is easy.  Click here.  We’ll get back in touch with you to confirm your needs and schedule.  We are happy to answer any questions you have.  Then you can pat yourself on the back for taking care of the laundry!

– Derek Anderson, owner

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