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What it’s like to have a laundry service

A new customer in Overland Park just started using our laundry wash & fold service this week.  She is going back to work, has a mountain of laundry piled up in her house, and she knows that she needs help!  She found us with a Google search, and one of our routes goes right past her street.  From now on, here’s how her laundry will get taken care of:

  1.  She fills her laundry bag with dirty clothes.
  2.  She puts her laundry bag on her front step on Wednesday mornings.
  3. She takes her laundry bag back inside her house on Thursday.  She is done with laundry!
  4. She pats herself on the back for being smart enough to outsource her former biggest pain:  laundry.

You could be just like her!  Contact us today to get started.

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