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The Van Life

I read this article today and laughed.  Over 20 years ago, in the early ’90’s, I lived the “van life” for two summers.  I had a summer job in college that allowed/required me to travel in a cargo van from point to point throughout the summer.  During the summer after my sophomore year, I traveled through the northern
half of Georgia, and most of Texas.  The following summer, I traveled through central Florida and then back through my home state of Iowa.

During the first summer especially, I stayed at KOA Campgrounds, state parks, and truck stops.  During the second summer, I spent most of the time in Florida living in a fraternity house at UCF.  Then in Iowa, I was back to the vagabond lifestyle.

My job was a summer sale rep for NK Lawn and Garden.  I was responsible for disassembling garden seed display racks at grocery stores, hardware stores, and other locations throughout my territory.  Then I would re-enlist the stores for a new rack next year.   I would load the racks and left-over seed packets into my company issued Ford E-150 cargo van until it was full.  Then it was off to a trucking freight terminal (Yellow Freight was my favorite) to ship the contents back to the company’s distribution center.

I spent most of my days driving and working.  The more locations I serviced, the more money I made!  But when I wasn’t working, I had the chance to go to the beach in Florida, visit Epcot Center, whitewater raft in Tennessee, catch a Braves game, watch fireworks in Atlanta, camp on Mustang Island, visit South Padre Island, visit the River Walk in San Antonio, eat amazing Tex-Mex, dine at Waffle Houses almost daily, meet very interesting people, and even spend an evening in Mexico.

It’s funny that my job as a small business owner, providing dry cleaning & laundry delivery is a combination of the interesting jobs I held as a boy and young man:  paper route, employee at a small locally owned store, and living the “van life”.

Derek Anderson ownerAnyway, I encourage you to let your dry cleaning and laundry live the #vanlife too.  Let our sweet green vans take your clothes for a ride each week.  They will come back refreshed, clean, and ready for you!  Click here to get started.


Derek Anderson, owner


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