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Men’s shirts vs. women’s shirts

Men’s shirt prices vs. women’s shirt prices.  Why is there a difference?  Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail that I sent to one of our customers, explaining the difference.

You have asked the decades-old dry cleaning question, “Why does it cost more to clean a woman’s shirt compared to a man’s shirt?”  The cost difference between a blouse and a men’s shirt is based on the way it is pressed.  Men’s shirts that are laundered are pressed using our pressing machine.  It’s basically a form with padding around it.  Then hot air is blown through the form, drying and pressing the wet shirt at the same time.  Women’s shirts are proportioned differently, and they do not fit snugly on the pressing machine.   If we use the shirt pressing machine for a women’s shirt, there are areas around the sleeves and shoulders that bunch up and wrinkles get pressed into the shirt.  The alternative is to hand-press them, which is much more labor intensive.  Labor cost is a huge component of dry cleaning pricing -for all dry cleaners.  We can machine press about 3 men’s shirts in the time it takes to hand press 1 shirt. 
A dry cleaner in Texas wrote an informative article about this.  Here’s the link:

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