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Open letter to Moms in Johnson County

Dear Moms in Overland Park, Leawood, and Olathe:

Do you feel that you are failing as a mother because you can’t (or don’t) keep up with your family’s laundry?  If so, may I politely suggest that YOU ARE CRAZY?!!  Yes, it’s good to know how to wash and fold your family’s clothes.  And you should definitely teach your kids the fine art of laundry processing.  BUT that doesn’t mean that you should devote your precious free time to this activity every day, every week, every month.  Life is just too short.

Now, I know that some of you actually enjoy washing and folding your own laundry.  It gives you a certain sense of satisfaction.  And maybe you have mastered the dark art of folding fitted sheets.  Good for you!  If laundry is your household specialty, then do it with pride!

But for the rest of you:  you probably are the imprisoned queen of your laundry room simply because you don’t know that another option exists.  Well, I have good news.  Actually, it’s great news.  The Green Van Dry Cleaning is here for you.  Literally.  In addition to pick-up and delivery service for dry cleaning, we pick-up and deliver laundry in Overland Park, Leawood, and Olathe -with our wash and fold service.  It is so simple:  we give you a laundry bag.  You fill it with your laundry.  We pick it up on your weekly pick-up day.  Then we sort, wash, dry, fold, bundle, and deliver your laundry back to your front door -the next business day.

You may be wondering about the quality of our wash and fold.  Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I guarantee that we can do laundry even better that you can.  Your laundry will come back to you smelling fresh, neatly folded, and ready for you to put away.  Ready to start?  Click here to fill out our info form.  We’ll get right back in touch with you.

I know, you like the idea, but you are wondering if it is costs too much.  Our prices for wash and fold start at $1.30/lb with a monthly plan, or $1.74/lb otherwise.  For about $130/month, you can have most all of your family’s laundry professionally washed and folded -and delivered to your door.  Just to compare, that’s probably less money than your husband spends to have your lawn mowed in a month.

If you are ready to make your life easier, gain more time to spend with your family, and instantly eliminate the mountains of laundry around your home, just contact us.  We will be glad to answer any questions that you have.  Give it a try!  It will be the best decision you make all week.


Derek Anderson, owner

The Green Van Dry Cleaning

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