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Laundry service vs. lawn care

Moms:  Do you have a lurking problem in the corners and closets of your home:  dirty laundry?  And clean laundry that isn’t folded and put away?

Your husband used to have a chore that he hated:  yard work.  But he got smart years ago.  He hires someone to mow, someone to maintain his sprinkler system, and someone to apply fertilizer and weed killer.  He doesn’t touch the lawn anymore.  He spends about $200 a month to make his yardwork go away.

But Mom, you are still stuck with the most unpleasant recurring task in the house:  laundry.  It. Never. Goes. Away.  Why does your husband get a pass on lawn care, but you have to do the “laundry care”?  You probably just assumed that you were going to be stuck washing clothes for the rest of your life.  It’s the price you pay for being a wife and mom.  NO LONGER.  For less money than your husband spends on the lawn, you can have all of your clothes professionally laundered -with pick-up and next day delivery right at your front door.

You have trusted The Green Van Dry Cleaning for your dry cleaning needs, now you can also trust us with the rest of your clothes.  Here’s what we do:

1. We give you a great big laundry bag.

2.  We pick-up your bag on your weekly route schedule.

3.  We sort, wash, sort again, dry, fold, and bundle your laundry.

4.  We deliver your laundry, bundled inside your laundry bag.

5.  The turnaround is next business day.

Life is too short to spend it all on your laundry.  Contact us for more info.  Give our wash & fold laundry service a try.  It will be the best decision you’ve made in a long time!

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