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Spring cleaning, wardrobe tips

Spring is dry cleaning season, and it’s the busiest time of our year.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you change out your cold weather wardrobe:

Moths can destroy a sweater

Moths can destroy a sweater


Make sure your clothes are clean before you store them for the season. Even a tiny food stain can attract bugs and moths.  These little critters will enjoy a nice meal on your garments, and that will weaken the fibers, eventually causing holes.

When you store your clothes for the season, remember that cedar will help to repel bugs. If you have a cedar lined closet, that is ideal. Otherwise you can buy cedar blocks for this purpose. It is well worth the small investment.

comforterIf you haven’t had your comforter cleaned for a a while (or years!) spring is a great time to get it done. If you send it to us for cleaning, we will thoroughly inspected and even clean up multiple times if needed, at no additional charge. Then we will return it to you in a breathable comforter storage bag.


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