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Restore your favorite t-shirt

Do you have a favorite t-shirt or pair of jeans  with a stain that you think is permanent?  Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t.  Send it to us and we’ll see.  Please leave us a note, telling us about your stain and we’ll give it our best shot.  The t-shirt in this picture is my wife’s.  She had an oil/grease spill on it.  After dry cleaning, it came out great!

Earlier this week, I noticed my khaki pants had an olive oil stain in them.  After laundering them, the stain was still there.  I had two options:

1.  Throw the pants away.

2.  Dry clean them.

Since I’m a dry cleaner, I opted for the second choice.  Guess what?  The stain is gone.  My pants look great, and now I am a happy khaki pants wearing dry cleaning owner.

– Derek

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