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Hey Fella…….Yes, you!

Put a little swagger in your step, and join the Men’s Shoe Shine Club from The Green Van Dry Cleaning.

For $18.99/month, you get 3 professional shoe shines, with pick-up and delivery at your door.

The price is just right:  $18.99/month and you get 3 shoe shines.  That’s a big savings compared to our regular price of $8.50/shine.  And it’s A LOT less expensive than the $15 airport shoe shine -and you do NOT need to tip!

Take a look in your closet:  if you’re like most guys, you have 3 pairs of leather shoes that you wear regularly.  You spent $150 (or more) per pair.  But they look like you just played kickball in them.  These shoes need to look sharp, so that you’ll look sharp.

Joining the shoe shine club is easy.  Just contact us.  We’ll add the shoe shine club to your monthly dry cleaning bill.  Then send in your shoes with your dry cleaning.  That’s it.  We’ll keep track of your shoe shines.  You’ll look good.  Everybody wins.

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