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Formaldehyde on your shirts

frogdress shirtYes, it’s true.  Most likely, your men’s dress shirts are coated with formaldehyde.  And unless you’re a dead frog in the 8th grade biology lab, that’s not a great thing.  Formaldehyde is used by the clothing companies to create “wrinkle-free”, “wrinkle-resistant”, and “no-iron” finishes on shirts.  In the science lab, formaldehyde preserves the lab specimen.  On your shirt, formaldehyde shortens the life span.  Read more here:

The other thing to know is that your “no-iron” shirt looks “no-ironed” unless it’s pressed.  We clean and press hundreds of “no-iron” shirts every day.  And we see first-hand what the article references:  the occasional random holes and tears on shirts that should last much longer.  So, if you have a choice, buy a high quality cotton men’s dress shirt without any of the “wrinkle-free” treatments or resins.

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