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New Year’s Resolutions

from the University of Scranton, here are the. . .


(and how The Green Van Dry Cleaning will help you achieve them)

1Lose Weight.  (Have your dry cleaning picked up and delivered by The Green Van.  You now have extra time to take a walk, which burns calories.)
2Getting Organized.  (The Green Van has a weekly route schedule, and we even remind you of it.  Organization starts with dry cleaning!!!)
3Spend Less, Save More.  (The Green Van’s prices are VERY COMPETITIVE.  And you save gas money, since we pick-up and deliver for free.)
4Enjoy Life to the Fullest.  (Going to the dry cleaner is NOT enjoyable.  Get rid of that annoying errand.  Use our free pick-up and delivery service!)
5Staying Fit and Healthy.  (No more dry cleaning errands.  With your extra time, do 25 push-ups.)
6Learn Something Exciting.  (Also with your extra free time and organized life, you can read those books you’ve always wanted to.)
7Quit Smoking.  (Hmm. . . .  I know!  Every time you put your dry cleaning on your front step for us to pick-up, remind yourself to quit smoking!!)
8Help Others in Their Dreams.  (Well, my dream is to make dry cleaning errands a thing of the past in Johnson County.  You can help me with this dream by using our super-convenient dry cleaning route service. J)
9Fall in Love.  (With freshly cleaned and pressed clothes delivered right to your door, you will impress your sweetie –even if you’ve been married to him/her for decades.  Love is in the air in 2015.)
10Spend More Time with Family.  (And spend less time -actually NO TIME – at the dry cleaner.  We pick-up and deliver for free!)

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