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When was your first Royals game?

My first game was the summer of 1990. I just graduated from Marshalltown High School, in Marshalltown, Iowa. My best friend was a long-time Royals fan, and his family would take weekend trips to Kansas City to watch a game. He had experience in the big city of KC, so he and I drove the four hours south to the vast metropolis of Kansas City for a game and an overnight stay. We went to a day game, and sat in the lower level, just past third base. Back then, you could smoke in the stadium, so we fired up our cigars (being of legal age) and enjoyed a great afternoon. I have no idea who we played, or if we won.

In April of 1997, I was recently engaged (the night before), and my fiancee, along with her parents moved me to Overland Park, my fourth location in four years following college. Kari, my beautiful wife, moved here shortly after. During the next several years -before kids -we went to quite a few Royals games. In 1997, we saw Chili Davis hit two home runs -one as a leftie, and one as a rightie. We watched Beltran, Damon, Dye, and the others who moved on to bigger markets. Tickets were plentiful and the teams were entertaining, if not successful. We didn’t follow the team very closely, but we were definitely Royals fans.

In 2001, we had our first baby and it was not as easy to get out to the ballpark. Three more kids followed over the next 8 years, and it became REALLY hard to go to a game. We probably went to a game ever other year. Our son began to play baseball several years ago, and his interest in the sport began. Then his cousins started to play baseball, and they began to follow the Royals very closely. That brings us to 2014, and it is truly a great time to live in Kansas City and be a Royals fan.


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