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There’s nothing better than a well fitting suit coat.  Unless, of couse, it’s an ill-fitting baby blue tuxedo coat with matching top hat.
Do you know why a suit coat retains its shape?  Suit coats are constructed in layers:  the lining, the interface, and the shell (exterior fabric).  The interface is attached/glued to the shell fabric.  This gives “body” to the suit.
tuxesSometimes a suit coat will look wavy or puckered.  This is a problem!   When the interface separates from the shell fabric, the result is bubbling/puckering of the shell.  Immediately after a suit is pressed, it looks fine.  But once you wear it, the fabric relaxes and the bubbling/puckering will appear again.
All dry cleaners use similar equipment to press suits.  The heat is minimal; it is a pre-set standard temperature setting.  Unlike an iron at home, the press is covered with thick padding designed to provide a consistent heat level.  If a suit’s interface comes loose, it is not the result of dry cleaning.  Dry cleaning is the cleaning method approved on the care label of suits.

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