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Today, Thursday, I want to talk to the dry cleaning bargain hunters in Johnson County.  Are you a price-sensitive dry cleaning customer?  We all are price conscious at some point, I get that.  If your only objective for dry cleaning is low price, you need to go to the Super Centers.  One is in Olathe, the other in Overland Park.  These cleaners serve a different market than we do.  Without saying anything negative about them, I will say that we handle our customers’ clothes in an entirely different manner than the discount cleaners.

Maybe you are a dry cleaning customer who is unwilling to trust your clothes to the supercenter for cleaning, but you are still looking for a bargain.  And you may think that a luxury service like having your dry cleaning picked up and delivered to your door costs more that you are willing to spend.  Not so fast!  Please compare our prices to the other dry cleaners in Johnson County.  You will find that we are VERY competitively priced with the other dry cleaners.  The additional value we offer is convenience that is unmatched by the walk-in stores.  Imagine this:  you walk in to the dry cleaner and drop off your clothes.  Then the girl at the counter asks, “Would you like us to deliver your order back to your front door tomorrow, instead of you coming in to pick it up?”  How much extra would you pay for that to happen?  $1?  $2?  I would.  How nice to not have to come back to the cleaner.  Well, our service is even better, because you don’t have to go to the cleaner in the first place.  And we don’t add  a delivery charge or a convenience fee.  No doubt, you can find some cleaners in the area that may be able to save you a buck or two.  (You’ll also find cleaners more expensive than The Green Van.).  But I hope you agree that the convenience you experience with The Green Van makes our prices a true bargain.

By the way, I called Tide Cleaners today to check their men’s shirt prices.  It’s $2.45 per shirt.  We charge $2.50.  A nickel difference.

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