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Be positive!

be positiveThe world is chock-full of negative people.  No one ever had to take a class or read a book about how to be negative, or how to tear someone else down.  The evening news should be called the “negative news”.  Even sports radio spends most of its time talking about what’s wrong with _____ (fill in the blank).  Unfortunately, I run into negative people who run their own small businesses.  No doubt, it’s hard work and a big risk to be your own boss.  Of course, the initial excitement of starting your business wears off quickly, and then you live in the reality of the daily ups and downs.  I’ve been a business owner since 2003, which is long enough to have experienced lots of challenges.  Whether or not you own a business, I want to give you a list of reasons to be cheerful today.

– The United States of America.  This is a great country, even with its problems.  No one tells you where you must live, what you must eat, or where you have to work.  You have choices!

– Summer.  Kansas City is as green and lush as it can be right now.  That will change in a month, but ENJOY IT today.

– Children.  In Johnson County, there are lots of kids around.  This is a great place to raise a family.

– Air conditioning.  It wasn’t until the 1950’s that air conditioning as we know it became popular in homes.  What a great improvement in our quality of life!

– Automobiles.  You need to get to work, so you grab your keys, hop in your car and go.  If you work 8 miles from home, it’s a close commute.  Think of how limited your life would be if you had to ride your bike, or horse. . . .  or walk to work.

– Bridges.  Streams, rivers, and railroad tracks are no barrier to our transportation, thanks to the bridges  that we use every day.  We don’t even have to think about it.

– Birds.  Step outside your home, and I’ll bet you’ll hear a robin warbling.  A backyard concert, just for you!

Today is a gift.  Enjoy it!

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