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Check your pockets!

I had a very nice meeting today with one of my largest customers.  While talking with him, I remembered a dry-cleaning horror story from about five years ago.  We cleaned a sportcoat for one of our customers (also a friend of mine).  When the dry cleaning cycle finished, and we opened the door of the dryclean machine, we saw black ink everywhere!  My friend left a pen in the pocket of his sport coat. Almost always, this is no problem, since we always check the pockets of every item that comes in.  But his pocket had a tiny hole in the bottom. It was just big enough for a pen to slip through.  When we checked in this sport coat, we checked all the pockets, and there was no pen. But obviously there was still a pen inside.

What’s the moral of the story?
1.  We always check pockets to make sure there are no pens inside.
2.  Please remember to empty your pockets before you send your clothes to the dry cleaner.

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