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The best choice you’ll make this week

How many opportunities do you have each day, or each week, to make a choice that will make a huge difference in your life?  Truthfully, not many.  We get involved in our daily routines, daily activities, and stay in our habits.  The advertisers of the world constantly holler at us to spend our money with them.  But if you buy a hamburger from McDonald’s instead of Burger King, will it really affect you?  If you get gas at BP instead of Shell today, will that make a difference in your life?  If you buy a box of Lucky Charms instead of Fruit Loops, who really cares?

BUT. . . .  if you change dry cleaners to The Green Van Dry Cleaning, your life will significantly improve.

  • You will no longer drive to the dry cleaner to drop off your dry cleaning.  Instead you’ll put your dry cleaning on your front step.
  • You will no longer have a load of dry cleaning sitting in your back seat waiting for you to drop off.  We will pick it up each week for you.
  • You will no longer forget to pick up your dry cleaning (remember that time you needed your suit and it was at the cleaner’s?).  We will deliver it to your door the day after we picked it up.
  • You will no longer have a section of your closet dedicated to clothes that need to be cleaned. . .  when you have time.  We’ll do it for you.
  • You will no longer have a massive collection of wire hangers you forgot to recycle.  Instead we will pick them up along with your dry cleaning (from your front door step, of course!).

And your shoes will improve too!

  • You will no longer look at your business shoes and realize that your heels are worn through.  Instead you’ll send in your shoes to us.  We will professional repair and shine them.   Picked up and delivered for free, of course.

Here’s why your choice to change dry cleaners is even better:  You won’t have to pay extra.  We don’t charge extra, even though our convenience is worth a lot.  I am 100% confident that your decision to use The Green Van Dry Cleaning’s free pick-up and delivery service is the best decision you will make this week.  Do you live in the Blue Valley, Olathe East, or Olathe South areas?  Give us a try and see for yourself!  Start here; I look forward to meeting you.  -Derek Anderson, owner



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