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A conversation I would like to have

image(me) “So you wear clothes that require dry-cleaning and professional laundering?”

“Yes, projecting a professional appearance is part of my job.”

(me) “So you probably visit the dry cleaner regularly?”

“Yes, several times a month.”

(me) “Actually, it’s double that, isn’t it? Once to drop off your clothes, and then a return trip to pick them up.”

“Yes, I guess you’re right.”

(me) “Do you like your drycleaner?”

“Well, not really. It’s just an errand I have to do.”

(me) “Did you know there’s a local drycleaner that provides free pickup and delivery service right to your door?”

“I have heard of services like that.  But I don’t know how they work.  Aren’t they expensive?”

(me) “It is actually pretty simple.  They pick up your dry cleaning from your door. Then they clean your clothes. Then they deliver it back to your door.  No, they are not expensive. In fact, they are probably the same price, or even less, then you are paying now.  Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?”

“Yes it does. I am so glad that I took the initiative to find out about this great service!”

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