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It’s nice to be the leader!

Have you heard about the new start-up in California?  It’s  a dry cleaning service that picks up at your door, and delivers back to you the next day.  Ashton Kutcher has even invested in it.  The company is Washio.  Here’s an article about them in USA Today:

The rest of the world probably doesn’t know that we’ve been on the cutting edge of dry cleaning convenience -right here in Kansas -for 11 years.

  • Picked up from your door?  Check.  (And when you’re on our route, you don’t have to remember to schedule us.)
  • Delivered the next day?  Check.
  • Green? Check. (We’ve been using Green Earth for years.)

Johnson County, you’ve already got the most convenient dry cleaner in the universe right here and ready to serve you.  Thanks for your business.


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