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Snow, ice, and dry cleaning

Wow!  Last week was interesting on the roads in Johnson County!!!  Exactly one week ago, (Monday, Feb. 3rd), I was chiseling the rock solid ice from our driveway and front step.  Then the snow came as predicted -about ten inches at our house.  School was canceled for three days straight.  By Friday, the main roads were in good shape.  The side streets were okay, and the cul de sacs were passable.  Our customers’ driveways and front steps were….. well let’s just say that they were challenging.

Here is a picture of a front step on Thursday morning.

In review….

1.  THANKS for your business last week!image

2.  Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to go to the dry cleaner last week, and that it was picked up and delivered right at your door?

3.  When winter weather hits, we will do our best to stay on schedule.  Sometimes it is necessary for us to delay a delivery route until the side streets are cleared.

4.  If you have a dry cleaning emergency that cannot wait for a delay, please email or call ASAP.  I will do my very best to take care of you.

5.  Please shovel your driveway and salt your front step.  My team members’ safety is very important to me.  We are very careful, but ice covered steps pose a real hazard, especially when we are carrying your dry cleaning.

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