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Urgent vs. Important

I’m re-reading an excellent business book, EnterLeadership, by Dave Ramsey.  In the third chapter, he writes about time management, and references Stephen Covey’s four quadrants.  As a small business owner, getting out of Quadrant 3 and into Quadrant 2 is a daily fight.  Some tasks just have to be done by me.  The easiest way to hand off these tasks is to automate them if I can.

Here’s the good news for your life:  you don’t have to hire a personal assistant to minimize your time in the “urgent but not important” quadrant.  Start (but don’t end) with your dry cleaning.  Why in the world are you driving back and forth to the dry cleaner?  What a time waste!  And a waste of real estate in your brain -having to remember to stop by and pick up your clothes.

By the way, my prices are very reasonable; they are nearly identical with Pride Cleaners and. Tide Dry Cleaning.  I had a customer tell me last week that she is now driving back and forth to a dry cleaner because she can save about $2.50/week on her total order.   Holy smoke!  This is a professional woman with a busy household in a very nice neighborhood.  At some point you have to decide that getting out of the “urgent but not important” quadrant might be worth a couple of bucks.  Your time is worth something.  Your gasoline actually costs money.  And your sanity is worth a lot.  Spend some time thinking about the tasks that must get done, but could be done by someone else.  Then do something about it!


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