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Are your clothes safe on your door?

A question often asked about our dry cleaning delivery service is, “Are my clothes safe on my door?  Will someone steal them?”.   Rest assured, your clothes are safe.  Since 2003, we have made over 12,000 deliveries without an incident of stolen clothes.  Our routes serve safe neighborhoods, including yours.  And quite honestly, there isn’t a huge market for used clothes.

When you stop and think about it, you receive many deliveries to your front door.  If delivering to your door wasn’t safe, UPS and Fed Ex would be out of of the green vans in our fleet








Here are some tips to keep your house safe:

1.  Leave your porch light on at night.  You can install a dimmer switch so you’re not burning your light bulbs at full wattage overnight.

2.  Keep your garage door closed during the day.

3.  Stay in touch with your neighbors.  Let them know if you’ll be out of town.  Keep an eye on their home, and ask them to do the same for you.

4.  Stop your mail if you’re out of town.  This is a simple process, done online with the USPS.

5.  Use common sense.

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