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Favorite t-shirt and grease stains

What don’t you see on this t-shirt?  Grease stains!!  Well Mom, you probably have several cool t-shirts that you don’t wear because you have some grease stains on the front.   Unfortunately, a squirt of  Spray and Wash won’t do the trick.  Good news:  dry cleaning will!  Send your t-shirt to us and let us dry clean it.   The dry cleaning process is designed to lift grease and oil stains in a way that laundering cannot.  A note of caution:  there is a possibility that the dry cleaning process may damage the printing or designs on t-shirts.   In this t-shirt, the screen print came through the cleaning just fine.  Take the risk, otherwise you’ll be throwing out your favorite weekend wear.

Remember, we pick-up and deliver for FREE in southern Overland Park and Leawood Kansas (basically the Blue Valley area).

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