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Some errands are a pain in the butt

Some errands are not fun, no matter what.  Going to the bank has always been a pain.  It doesn’t matter how nice the building is, how pleasant the tellers are, or how many lollipops they give your kids.  It is still a pain.

Financial institutions figured this out, and much of  our banking is now done at your desk, on your iPad, or your phone.  With new smart phone apps, you don’t even need to go to the bank to deposit checks.

Here’s the fact:  dry cleaning errands are a pain in the butt. Just like the bank, it doesn’t matter how clean the store is, how friendly the staff is, or how nice the posters look on the walls.  You don’t want to be there.  And you don’t have to be there!!!

We have perfected the ultimate dry cleaning experience, and reduced it to 3 steps:

1.  Put your dry cleaning in a neon green bag provided to you for free.

2.  Put your green bag on your front step once a week.  We will even give you a reminder for this.

3.  Pour a cup of coffee (or beer, whatever you drink to relax).  Your work is done.  We pick up your bag, clean your clothes, and return them to your front door the next day.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  there is a possibility that you can find another dry cleaner that costs a nickel or two less than us.  If you really think that saving $0.30 is worth your hassle, we are probably not the dry cleaner for you.  For the rest of the world, welcome to the good life -compliments of The Green Van!

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