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The Dry Cleaning Games

The Dry Cleaning Games –a new movie based on a true story. The City is split up into 12 districts, each ruled by Totalitarian Dry Cleaners (TDC). The reality is grim, and the future looks bleak. The TDC’s force the residents to bring their clothes to their stores, and the residents must return to the stores pick up their clothes -even though they had to suffer long days working, shopping, and r…unning their kids around. Customer service is only a distant memory for the residents. The residents must pay the TDC’s up front, even though their clothes haven’t been cleaned yet. These dry cleaners smash buttons, double crease pants, and treat the residents with contempt. As a way of asserting their power and dominion, they annually “lose” items sent in to them. If the residents dare complain, the TDC’s call this a “tribute” and threaten to destroy more of their clothes. The residents are virtually held hostage by the TDC, and they feel powerless to resist. Complaining is futile, and can even be deadly to their wardrobe.

Along comes an enterprising hero and his fearless team of rescuers, collectively known as The Green Van Dry Cleaning. Adopting the color green to symbolize growth, purity, truth, freedom, hope, value, virtue, courage, vitality, stewardship, kindness, strength, helpfulness, and convenience, The Green Van confronts the TDC’s in the City, one neighborhood at a time. Dry cleaning service offering free pick-up and delivery right at the residents’ doors. Monthly billing. Satisfaction guaranteed. Next day turnaround. Prompt and courteous customer service. NO MORE TRIBUTES.

Thanks to The Green Van, hope and prosperity are restored to the City.

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