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2011- July

From the owners. . .

Thanks for your business.  We appreciate the opportunity to take care of your dry cleaning needs.  When you think about the time you save by not running back and forth from the cleaners, the quality of the cleaning we offer, and the competitive prices of our service, it’s an excellent value to let us take care of your dry cleaning!  Also, thanks for telling your friends and neighbors about our service.

–Derek and Kari



Pick up and Delivery Times

Pick-ups start at 7:00 a.m. on your pick-up day.  Deliveries are the next day. If you ever need a special pick-up, just let us know.



If you are out of town for a trip or vacation this summer, and you need to schedule a special pick-up, please contact us.  We are glad to accommodate you.

Summer also means camp-outs and sleeping bags.  If your sleeping bag is a little dirty (okay, A LOT dirty), send it in.  We have commercial grade washing systems specifically designed for bulky items such as sleeping bags, blankets, and comforters.  Note:  we often require an extra day or two for these items.

Do we recycle hangers?

Yes we do!  If your closet is filling up with metal hangers, we will gladly recycle them.  Please bundle them and set them out with your green bag on your pick-up day.  It is helpful to us if you put them in a grocery sack next to your green bag, and not inside your green bag.  Thanks.


Leather, Suede, Uggs

You may not be thinking about your leather or suede jackets in the middle of July, but now is a great time to get them cleaned.  These items normally take a week to clean and return to you, so why not send them in to us before you need them in the fall?  We do a fantastic job of making them look great.  Also, we clean Uggs!



Clean Joke of the Month:
Q:  What goes on the end of a librarian’s fish hook?

A:  A bookworm!







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