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2011 – April

From the owners. . .

Thanks for being our customer. I say it every month, and I mean it! Our company is 8 years old now, and we are built on convenience, quality, service, and value. I have met very few people through the years who like to go to the dry cleaner. Like you, most people HATE this errand, but they need their clothes to look great every week. We are pleased to provide this service to you. If you ever have a concern or need, please let us know. —Derek and Kari

Our Standard Price List

Men’s business shirts$2.25
Golf shirt/blouse$5.75
Suit (2-piece)$12.75

Shirts – How long do they last?

Determining how long a shirt should last is difficult due to the variances in frequency of wear. However, industry experience shows that, on average, shirts have a two-year wear life expectancy. The number of launderings is a better measurement method. According to industry standards, the average shirt should have a wear life of 35 to 50 washings. This will fluctuate depending on the amount of abrasion and strain placed on the shirt during wear, the fiber content, the type of fabric, and the laundering procedure. Please note that this life expectancy applies to even the most expensive, name brand shirts.

Shirts – How Much Do They Cost?

Have you wondered why some shirts cost $5.75 to clean and others only $2.25? Please check the care instruction label. When standard men’s dress shirts are cleaned, they are laundered, and then machine-pressed wet and under high heat — regardless of starch preference. Shirts made of 100% cotton hold up well under these conditions and come out looking great!

If a shirt contains fabric (or a blend) that prevents it from being machine-pressed, we press it by hand. These fabrics include silk, linen, rayon, spandex blends, and some cotton/polyester blends. Also, if a shirt is not a standard men’s dress shirt (regardless of the fabric), it will not fit on the pressing machine. These shirts also must be pressed by hand. Because of the additional labor involved in this process, these shirts cost more to clean. Always feel welcome to contact us if you have a question about a price or cleaning method used.

Pricing Summary
Men’s dress shirts$2.25 each –laundered and machine pressed
Other shirts (including women’s blouses and shirts)$5.75 each –laundered or dry cleaned, and hand pressed

Clean Joke of the Month

Why did the banana go to the doctor?
— Because it wasn’t peeling well.

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